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Crowborough Beacon


County Membership - £888

Category currently closed to new and transferring Members.

Do you live 15 road miles or further from Crowborough Beacon? If so, this membership option has been designed with you in mind.

County Membership is a radical new approach to the traditional, long-standing Country Membership which historically had a qualifying radius of beyond 30 miles – as the crow flies. The reality of this meant that, in the absence of a helicopter, you most likely had in excess of a 40 mile road journey, more than an 80 mile round trip. With the price of fuel these days there is no surprise that, as a result, Country Membership at many clubs is in terminal decline.

We therefore took the realistic approach that there is a limit on time and fuel costs that the average golfer is prepared to devote to travelling to and from their golf club. Everybody has the choice of a Good (expensive), Average (affordable) or Basic (cheap, or maybe a 9-holer) golf course within a fairly close commute. There is therefore little need to travel too far for a game of golf, unless the golf course offers a special attraction. We know that Crowborough Beacon is an extra-special place and we have now made the cost of membership affordable, and joining the Club as a member justifiable, for a far greater number of golfers in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

County members enjoy all the benefits and facilities of Full members but no longer do they have to live 30 miles away. You only need to provide proof of residence beyond the greatly reduced 15 road mile radius of the Club. If you are in doubt about your precise distance from the Club please email James or Vicki your full address, and we will quickly give you confirmation of whether you qualify.

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