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Flexible Membership - £701

Category currently closed to new and transferring Members.

Designed for the occasional or fair-weather golfer, this category ensures there are no unused or wasted subscriptions.

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club introduced an innovative Flexible Membership from 1st May 2011, which offers a totally modern and low cost approach to club membership and playing golf. This scheme is a fair and very cost efficient form of membership, which gears the rounds that you play to your subscription. 

When you join Crowborough Beacon under this scheme, your subscription of £701 includes National and County Union affiliation fees and the excellent value of joining a golf club celebrating its 125th year. A true 'members golf club' that enjoys the freehold ownership of the ground on which the golf course sits, and a clubhouse with one of the finest views in the land.

Flexible membership provides you with 450 credits which will be held on your membership account and you can use them solely for your own rounds of golf. The number of rounds you can play will depend when you choose to play. For example, if you want to play at peak times during the weekend, then your 450 credits will provide 16 rounds of summer golf. If you choose to play midweek at off peak times, then you could manage to play up to 30 rounds of summer golf. The day is split into three separate periods which reflect the popularity and demand for prime tee-times and these are graded accordingly. Reduced credits apply in the winter months from November - March.

For more information on Flexible Membership, contact James or Vicki in the office who will be pleased to talk you through the scheme and how it operates.

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