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Winter Rules Back On

Winter Rules expired as usual at the end of April, but, following continued and severe wet weather, permission from the County HQ has allowed us to re-introduce them until further notice.

Also, the new traffic control stakes and ropes are now moveable without penalty. If they interfere with your shot please lift them and replace them when finished.

I have heard from greenkeepers now at THREE clubs that they have never known the ground so wet in May. This is proving an enormous problem for our greenstaff who are simply unable to get our heavy machinery out to mow the grass, hence the fairways will be getting a bit shaggy and the rough becoming deeper and deeper. This is simply unavoidable as the damage which will be created in attempting to mow is simply unjustifiable. Mike Poole feels he is now two weeks behind his normal schedule as a result and the weather has delayed us starting work on all sorts of projects and as a result it is highly likley that his planned greens maintenance next week will have to be deferred until later. 

We have no plans to ban trolleys, even though this would be the sensible thing to do in extreme circumstances like now. So, please PLEASE can we ask every member who is phsyically able to carry to do so - that means ALL the Juniors!! The damage being done on the golf course is virtually all being caused by electric trolleys in the usual places. Please keep to the paths at all times. Thanks to those buggy drivers who have elected NOT to play rather than inflict damage on the course. The Buggies will be out of action until further notice as even our 4WD vehicles could not navigate the hill at the 5th therefore 2WD buggies stand no chance and as a result will be unsafe to use.The wear and tear on the golf course and resultant damage is therefore firmly in the hands of the members over the next few days and weeks.

The good news is that the quality of grass on the greens is very high and very healthy - TOUCH WOOD - as these warm wet conditions are ripe for disease, which we are free of at the moment. The greens will therefore inevitably be slow and remain uncut when it is impossible to mow without causing damage all around the surrounds and by travelling from green to green. Please therefore be patient. The moment we get some consistent dry weather and the greens begin to receive their daily summer daily mowing regime at a summer height of cut, they should then become very good, very soon. Please note there are other golf clubs reverting to temporary greens so let's all be thankful how good the course is and how lucky we are!

Thank You

John Holmes

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