Crowborough Beacon Golf Club


8th Hole - Spud Hayter

329 yards  -  Par 4  -  S.I. 13 

The 8th hole represents part of the major changes from the 1957 alteration to the course layout, with the most significant element being that the green is now approached from a completely different angle than originally designed.

Previously, it was approached from further down the hill which explains the difficult to read right to left camber on the green which offers some interesting borrows if you get caught out of position. The fairway was subjected to even more re-modelling as recently as 2005, designed to smooth out some fierce undulations although it still slopes from right to left and demands an accurate tee shot to find the fairway.

The drive from the back tee needs to carry 163 yards and also requires accuracy in order to make the second shot easier. There are pine trees on the left-hand side plus a water hazard that can be reached by longer hitters, whilst a clump of pines often catch a ball hit out to the right. There is also a heather area on the right-hand side that it is wise to avoid.

329 Yds Par 4 SI 13 314 Yds Par 4 SI 13 225 Yds Par 4 SI 17

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