Crowborough Beacon Golf Club

Pleasurable Tuesday and Friday Roll Ups

Arriving between 9.30 and 10.00 am, it's a good to see familiar faces sitting around the Clubhouse. Amongst them there may be a different face or two, golfers perhaps new to the Club having moved into the area or just taken up the game.

They'd have been told that The Saga's Roll Ups on Tuesdays and Fridays are relaxed, good fun occasions where all are welcomed and a sense of belonging is engendered.

At 10.00 am playing cards are dealt to all players, shuffled, and the draw takes place. The card dealer of the day announces the competition format for the round, generally a team event, be it best two out of three scores on each hole, three out of four, individual Stableford or whatever, and the tee from which, we will play, generally white or yellow.

In prospect is a friendly but competitive 18 holes on what is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and testing courses in the country. Even if you are having one of those day's, just look around and take in the views - magnificent. It's a timely reminder as to how lucky we are to enjoy our golf in such a place.

Apres golf is a communal affair waiting for the announcement of the day's winners whilst enjoying refreshments in the bar. The victors having been proclaimed, many linger on to enjoy the friendly banter which is the hallmark of the Sagas.

Why the Sagas? Well there's no doubt that the majority who participate are of a certain age and enjoying the fruits of their labours in convivial company. But this is by no means exclusively so, there being regular players whose work allows them to play some Tuesdays and/or Fridays, and they know that they will be welcome and will enjoy their day's golf - they must do, they keep on coming back.

So if this seems like the golfing atmosphere you'd enjoy, join us on Tuesdays or Fridays for the draw which usually takes place at 10.00 am - you'll be welcome!

Saga Supremo

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